The Trachtenberg School and other George Washington University departments offer a variety of graduate certificate programs that astudent can earn concurrently with an MPA, MPP or MA-ENRP degree.

Graduate certificate programs provide specialized study to help students expand their professional knowledge and skills. Thecertificate augments the Trachtenberg School master's degree with an additional credential that highlights their area of expertise.

Most graduate certificate programs available to Trachtenberg students require 12 hours of graduate course work in a focused areaof study. Students who are studying for an MPA, MPP or MA-ENRP can “double count” those credits by using them as field and/orelective courses in their degree program. The student graduates with an MPA, MPP or MA-ENRP and also the graduate certificate in aspecialized field. For additional information please visit  the TSPPPA Combined Degree Programs page