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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 53 credits, including 35 credits in required courses and 18 credits in selective/elective courses.

MBAD 6206Business Improv
MBAD 6207Leadership Lab
MBAD 6211Financial Accounting
MBAD 6213Accounting for Internal Decision Making
MBAD 6223Operations Management
MBAD 6224Decision Making and Data Analysis
MBAD 6235Finance
MBAD 6240Competition in the Global Economy
MBAD 6242Microeconomics for the World Economy
MBAD 6250Technology for Business in DC
MBAD 6263Organizations and Human Capital
MBAD 6274Marketing
MBAD 6281Business Ethics
MBAD 6284Business and Public Policy
MBAD 6286Strategic Management I
MBAD 6287Strategic Management II
Consulting abroad project
MBAD 6294Consulting Abroad Project
Students must complete two enrollments in MBAD 6294, one on-campus and the other as the study abroad component of the Consulting Abroad Project.
Analytics/technology selectives
3 credits from the following analytics/technology selectives. These courses may be repeated for credit provided the topics differ.
DNSC 6500Analytic Skills for Managers
ISTM 6500Technology Skills for Managers
15 credits in courses at the 6000-level or above taken in any GWSB department; up to 6 of these credits may be taken in departments outside of GWSB with the advisor's approval.

NOTE: MBAD 6298 may not be applied toward MBA degree requirements.