(Note: Only the bachelor of science with a major in information systems is STEM-eligible, this program is not.)

Students who choose information systems and technology management to fulfill the bachelor of science with a major in business concentration requirement take five courses (15 credits), as follows:

Required for the concentration
ISTM 3119Introduction to Programming
ISTM 4120Business Systems Development
ISTM 4121Database Principles and Applications
And two additional courses selected from the following:
ISTM 4205Web Applications Development
ISTM 4206Foundations of Information Systems Security and Ethics
ISTM 4209Foundations of Web Analytics
ISTM 4213Foundations of Cloud Applications
ISTM 4214Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
ISTM 4216Mobile Application Development
ISTM 4217Internet of Things Management
ISTM 4123Business Data Communications
ISTM 4130WWriting On The Ethics of Technology
ISTM 4215Human-Computer Interaction
ISTM 4223Innovation Ventures
ISTM 4233Emerging Technologies
ISTM 4900Special Topics