Students who choose the marketing strategy and analytics concentration are to fulfill the bachelor of science with a major in business concentration requirement take five courses (15 credits), as follows:

Required for the concentration
MKTG 3142Consumer Behavior
or MKTG 3142W Consumer Behavior
MKTG 3143Marketing Research
And three additional courses selected from the following:
Marketing strategy
MKTG 4148Advertising and Marketing Communications
or MKTG 4156 Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG 4150Salesmanship and Sales Management
MKTG 4152Retailing Management
MKTG 4159Marketing Strategy
MKTG 4161Pricing Strategy: Competitive and Dynamic Pricing
Digital marketing and analytics
MKTG 4154Digital Marketing
MKTG 4162Digital Marketing Analytics
MKTG 4163Applied Marketing Decision Analytics
MKTG 4164Artificial Intelligence and Automated Marketing
MKTG 4165Customer Relationship Management and Relational Databases
MKTG 4900Special Topics
or MKTG 4900W Special Topics