The following requirements must be fulfilled: 45 credits, including 21 credits in required courses, 9 credits in courses assigned by the advisor, and 15 credits in Praxis research.

Note: Throughout the program, students must take required courses in lockstep with the cohort of students with which they matriculated. Courses may not be taken out of sequence.
ECE 6160Secure Computer Architecture
SEAS 8410Security Data Visualization and Analysis
SEAS 8414Analytical Tools for Cyber Analytics
SEAS 8415Applied Cryptography and Data Protection
SEAS 8499Praxis Development for Cybersecurity Analytics
SEAS 8998Advanced Reading and Research (taken for 6 credits)
Courses assigned by the advisor
Thee courses (9 credits) assigned by the academic advisor.
SEAS 8188Praxis Research for Doctor of Engineering in Cyber Analytics (taken for a total of 15 credits)