The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, with one course taken from each of the five areas listed below.

All courses must be taken at GW. No substitutions are allowed. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in these approved courses to receive the certificate.

One course in programming, selected from the following:
CSCI 1012Introduction to Programming with Python
ISTM 3119Introduction to Programming
One course in statistics, selected from the following:
DNSC 1001Business Analytics I: Statistics for Descriptive and Predictive Analytics
STAT 1051Introduction to Business and Economic Statistics
STAT 1053Introduction to Statistics in Social Science
STAT 1111Business and Economic Statistics I
STAT 1127Statistics for the Biological Sciences
One course in data ethics:
DATS 2101Ethical Life in a Digital World
Two courses in data visualization:
DATS 1001Data Science for All
DATS 2102Data Visualization for Data Science
One course in data security:
ISTM 4206Foundations of Information Systems Security and Ethics