See notes regarding special topics* and PUBH** courses.

Required course (2 credits)
PUBH 6400Global Health Frameworks (fall semester only)
Supporting courses (10 credits)
ANTH 6505Medical Anthropology (3 credits)
Research methods in global health:
PUBH 6410Global Health Study Design (2 credits)
PUBH 6411Global Health Qualitative Research Methods (2 credits)
PUBH 6412Global Health Quantitative Research Methods (3 credits)
PUBH 6416Ethical and Cultural Issues in Global Health Research and Programs (1 credit)
Theory and methods courses in global health:
PUBH 6435Global Health Program Development and Implementation (2 credits)
PUBH 6436Global Health Program Management and Leadership (2 credits)
Global health content courses:
PUBH 6132Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) in Low-Income Countries (1 credit)
PUBH 6440Global Health Economics and Finance (2 credits)
PUBH 6441Global Health Organizations and Regulations (2 credits)
PUBH 6442Comparative Global Health Systems (2 credits)
PUBH 6480Public Health in Humanitarian Settings (Public Health in Complex Emergencies (2 credits)
PUBH 6481Global Mental Health (2 credits)
PUBH 6482International Food and Nutrition Policy (2 credits)
PUBH 6499Topics in Global Health (Public Health Systems)

*Specific subject matter covered in special/selected topics courses varies by semester. Consult the Schedule of Classes for each semester's offerings. Topics courses not listed here may be used to fulfill program requirements if approved by the Program Director. Up to two relevant LAW courses may be taken with the permission of the Law School Dean of Students and the Elliott School academic advisor.

** Most Public Health (PUBH) courses are offered for 2 instead of 3 credits. Students pursuing the global health concentration should consult their academic advisor with questions regarding course selection.