Requirements for the concentration

In addition to specific topics listed under IAFF 2190W, the IAFF 3100 range, and IAFF 4191, other topics relevant to the concentration may be approved by the academic advisor.

If a student wishes to take any course not listed here, prior approval of the academic advisor is required.

Five courses from the following. At least two courses must be from Group A and at least two courses must be from Group B.
Group A:
ANTH 3708Anthropology of Africa
ANTH 3801African Roots from Australopithecus to Zimbabwe
ECON 2151Economic Development
ECON 2198Special Topics in Economics - Regional (Economics of Africa)
GEOG 3154Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
GEOG 3164The Geography of Africa
IAFF 2093Africa: Problems and Prospects
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (North Africa and the World)
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (U.S. Foreign Policy in Africa)
IAFF 3183Special Topics in Development Policy (Gender, Peace, and Security in Africa)
IAFF 3189Special Topics in African Studies (All IAFF 3189 topic offerings are approved for the Africa concentration Group A)
IAFF 3190Special Topics in International Affairs (China and Africa)
PSC 2337Development Politics
PSC 2381Comparative Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
PSC 2482African International Politics
PSC 3192WProseminar: Political Science (Comparative Politics of Africa)
PSC 3192WProseminar: Political Science (Development Challenges in Africa)
PSC 3192WProseminar: Political Science (Government and Politics of Africa)
Group B:
HIST 2305Majors' Introductory Seminar: United States
or HIST 2305W Majors’ Introductory Seminar: United States
HIST 2520Africans in the Making of the Atlantic World
HIST 3001WSpecial Topics (Comparative Colonialism in Africa)
HIST 3001WSpecial Topics (Comparative Colonialism-Asia and Africa)
HIST 3301WTopics: U.S. History (African Americans and Africa)
HIST 3501Topics: Africa
HIST 3510African History to 1880
HIST 3530Women in Africa
HIST 3540West Africa to Independence
IAFF 3189Special Topics in African Studies (African Literature and Politics) *
IAFF 3189Special Topics in African Studies (Hip Hop and Social Change in Africa) *
IAFF 3189Special Topics in African Studies (Religion in Africa) *
IAFF 3189Special Topics in African Studies (West African Film and Literature) *
Any undergraduate literature or film course numbered 2000 or above with this regional focus.
*Only these specific topics offered under IAFF 3189 are approved for Group B.