To be eligible for admission to the minor molecular biology program, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and must have completed 8 credits in biological science courses (with hands-on labs) and 8 credits in chemistry courses (with hands-on labs). Students must also meet essential function requirements. Biological science and chemistry courses may be part of the students program of study but must be completed with a grade of or above prior to taking the upper-level courses within the minor.

In addition, the following is required prior to clinical rotations (molecular practicum):

  • Confirmation of essential functions
  • Immunization records, including PPD (dated within the past 12 months) and evidence of hepatitis B, MMR, varicella, diphtheria, polio, and tetanus vaccinations
  • Current physical examination
  • Copy of health insurance
  • Copy of criminal background check
  • Copy of drug screening test