Program Director: B. Westerman

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 13 credits in required courses plus two elective courses to total 18 to 21 credits.

Required (13 credits)
EXNS 1103Professional Foundations in Exercise Science
EXNS 1110Applied Anatomy and Physiology I
EXNS 1111Applied Anatomy and Physiology II
EXNS 2111Exercise Physiology I
Two courses from the following (minimum 5 credits):
EXNS 1118Sport and Nutrition
EXNS 2110Injury Prevention and Control
EXNS 2112Exercise Physiology II
EXNS 2113Kinesiology
EXNS 2116Exercise and Health Psychology
EXNS 2119Introduction to Nutrition Science
EXNS 3110Field Experience - Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Note: Students in the BS in exercise science program (all tracks) are not eligible to declare a minor in exercise science.