Course Requirements

All Health Services Administration Specialist degree candidates complete 30 graduate credits of approved coursework.

  1. 30 graduate credits are required. The Specialist has one required course: HSML 6270 Research in Health Services Administration (Independent Study).  All other courses are chosen in consultation with the program director.
  2. The program director must pre-approve all course selections and sequencing by developing a “program of study” with the student prior to initial registration.  Specialist candidates must meet with the program director each semester before registration; all changes to the program of study must be approved.
  3. The program director may approve up to 8 graduate credits that have not been applied to a previous graduate degree as transfer credit into the Specialist degree program. Course(s) must be relevant to the Specialist degree; credit must have been earned from an accredited institution within the past three years with a grade of B or above.
  4. Grade Point Requirement: A 3.0 (B average) overall grade-point average, or above is required.
  5. Time Limit Requirement: The degree must be completed within four years.

Program Requirements

Required course:
HSML 6270Research in Health Services Administration
HSML courses that may be taken for the specialist:
HSML 6202Introduction to Health Services Delivery
HSML 6203Introduction to Health Management
HSML 6204Quality and Performance Improvement
HSML 6206Quanitative Methods and Epidemiology in Health Services
HSML 6207Health Services Information Applications
HSML 6208Medical Informatics
HSML 6209Health Services Finance
HSML 6210Health Services Financial Applications
HSML 6211Health Economics
HSML 6212Community Health Management and Advocacy
HSML 6213Health Services, Marketing, and Planning
HSML 6215Health Law for Managers
HSML 6216Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior
HSML 6218Seminar: Health Services Management and Leadership
HSML 6231Management of Acute Care Hospitals
HSML 6236Post-Acute Care Management and Leadership
HSML 6237Managing the Skilled Nursing Facility
HSML 6238Ambulatory Care Management
HSML 6244Supply Chain Management in Health Services
HSML 6245Disaster Management for Health Care Organizations
HSML 6246Service Line and Project Management
HSML 6247Consulting in Health Care
HSML 6285Readings in Health Services Management
HSML 6286Readings in Health Services Management
HSML 6299Topics in HSML