The following requirements must be fulfilled: 48 credits, including 32 credits in required foundational courses, which includes a 3-credit applied methods course; 6 credits of additional methods coursework; 6 to 8 credits of elective and/or specialty field courses; a 2-credit proposal development course; and 0 to 2 credits to be applied toward the applied dissertation project, depending on the number of credits taken in elective courses

PUBH 8700Doctor of Public Health Interdisciplinary Seminar
PUBH 8701Doctor of Public Health Applied Practice Experience
PUBH 8702Doctor of Public Health Proposal Development *
PUBH 8703Doctor of Public Health Applied Dissertation (taken for 0 to 2 credits)
PUBH 8706Foundations in Public Health Leadership
PUBH 8708Applied Public Health Methods
PUBH 8710Public Health Practice and Social Entrepreneurship
PUBH 8712Public Health Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation
PUBH 8714Public Health Leadership and Decision Making
PUBH 8716Pedagogical Methods and Practice for Public Health Leaders
PUBH 8718Public Health Communications and Marketing
PUBH 8720Social Change and Collective Impact
PUBH 8722Public Health Policy Analysis
PUBH 8724Organizational Leadership and Change Management
PUBH 6080Pathways to Public Health
6 credits in methods courses selected by the student.
6 to 8 credits in elective/specialty field courses selected by the student.

*Students are required to successfully pass the comprehensive exam after completing the required coursework but before enrolling in PUBH 8702 Doctor of Public Health Proposal Development